1 Hz laser line stabilization system

The stabilized laser operates at 972 nm and consists of three main parts: a light source, an external Fabry-Perrot (FP) cavity, and the PID lockbox (see Custom solution – PID lockbox). The light source, a 972 nm laser diode, is locked onto a high finesse external FP cavity using an optical and electrical feedback loop which comprises a PID lockbox set up in a Pound-Drever-Hall technique. Usually, the main reason for linewidth broadening is the mechanical noise induced in the external cavity. Our FP resonator has the finesse of over 100000 and is mechanically and thermally stabilized enabling us to reach the linewidth of 1 Hz with frequency drift below 1 Hz/s.
We also offer custom development of stabilized lasers operating at different frequencies, e.g., 972 nm, 780 nm, 370 nm and other upon request.