Cobolt is at the very forefront of the industry in the development and manufacture of high performance lasers. Cobolt provides ultra low noise and single mode solid-state lasers with a high level of wavelength flexibility in the UV-Visible-NIR spectral range. In Baltics the Cobolt lasers are applied when high stability and high coherence light sources are necessary, for example, in holography (Daugavpils University, Institute of Solid State Physics of University of Latvia, Riga Technical University) or in Raman spectroscopy (Kaunas University of Technology). The Cobolt lasers are exceptional for imaging with Raman confocal microscopy. Here are some of the confocal Raman microscopy examples:


Neural cell imaging with Raman

confocal microscopy using the
Cobolt Samba 532 nm (Co
Renishaw, New Mills, UK)


Medical compound distribution in
aspirin pill; generated by Raman
microscopy using the Cobolt
Samba 532 nm



You can find other examples of Cobolt lasers in various applications here.

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